A great session today at Salford Comics Club!

Inspired by a strip in the Phoenix Comic by Jess Bradley, we decided to put the kids imaginations to the test – but instead of Jess Bradley’s Flurn Powder, we developed our very own Magic Potion.

Children had to decide what happened when this Magic Potion was poured on various objects, including a cat, a toaster, and Height Library itself!


They then had to think about several questions around the potion’s origin, which helped them develop their stories for their comics:

  • What it was called
  • Where it came from
  • Who made it 
  • Who had it now and
  • What if… (Children were challenged to fill this in with ‘what if’ questions, like ‘What if it fell into the wrong hands?’ ‘What if it was lost?’)


The results were some amazing magical things – from potions created by aliens on the Moon and given to a zombie to potions that turned a toaster into Freddie Mercury from the ‘I Want To Break Free’ music video.

Have a look at some of these awesome creations below:

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